This first edition of the The Business End of Climate Change is the starting point for an ongoing, annual series of reports and we invite more initiatives to get involved so the scope of the analysis and the level of ambition can be expanded in future. The criteria for inclusion is listed on this page and if your initiative is suitable then please do get in touch with us. The technical working group will review all submissions in October 2016 and February 2017 for inclusion in the June 2017 report.

This first edition of the report also set itself the challenging task of preparing a suitable methodology for the analysis calculations to account for overlaps between initiatives, all the various factors and energy mixes globally and to judge the impact against NDC's. The assumptions are laid out in the appendix of the report and we also invite your feedback on the methodology and how this can be refined for future editions.

To get more information, submit your initiative for inclusion or to comment on the methodology please contact us.

Criteria for initiatives:

  • work on a potentially global scale

  • be underway, with companies already signed up

  • be run by an institution that drives recruitment and action

  • set specific and coherent targets towards defined objectives, and commit to a plan for the impact they’ll make in 2030

  • ask companies, or groups of them, to make public commitments and share plans

  • report on progress by sharing data through CDP or another public platform

  • be on the NAZCA portal